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Monthly Fitness Challenge

You may have heard about this at the last annual meeting or read it in the community calendar, but we want to make sure we keep the ball rolling! Every month, you can submit a picture or short narrative about completing one of the monthly fitness challenges written in the calendar. Submit it on our Facebook page, email us, or send it to the AHA office via snail mail. Not only can you be featured on the blog, but you will also be entered in a drawing to win one of our monthly prizes!
Be sure to send your picture or short paragraph in by the last day of every month to qualify. Winners will be posted and contacted by the second week of the following month.

If you do not have a calendar yet (in which case, feel free to request one because they are free!), here is the challenge for September:
Wake up fifteen minutes early twice a week to start the day with am online yoga video, a jog around the block, or any form of fitness that gets you moving!

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