Friday, February 15, 2013

Meet the new Assistant Executive Director!

 Teri Morrison

In her new role as Assistant Executive Director, Teri Morrison brings 25 plus years of management experience to the Arizona Hemophilia Association.  From a Global Travel Company, to a Corporate Communication and Events Company, Teri has honed her business acumen and interpersonal skills to dovetail into the non-profit arena.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Arizona State University and her Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

Although she is originally from Utah, after over 40 years in Arizona, Teri considers herself “almost” a native.  She is passionate about spending time with her 4 boys (James 29, Charles 27, Keane 18 and Kai 9).    Some of her other interests include running, cooking and watching basketball games.

As a volunteer for AHA, Teri experienced firsthand what a wonderful organization the Arizona Hemophilia Association is.   When the position became available, she didn’t hesitate to join that wonderful collection of incredible and diverse individuals. 

Teri feels that she has found a home with the AHA and is excited and looking forward to getting to know, and learning more about the people and the needs of the community she serves. 

Teri is extremely appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of an association that has such commitment and dedication to a worthwhile cause, and encourages all community members to become involved. 


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